6 rounds, for time, of:
6 Power Cleans (185/130)
6 Muscle-Ups
12 Bench Press (185/130)

Muscle-Up Substitutions: 12 Pull-Ups or 12 Ring Rows.
If you can do the workout as written above, an added challenge would be doing a round every 5 minutes (with the goal of finishing the round in 3:00 and earning 2:00 rest). These will be tough sprints. If you can’t do those weights or movements you should go to a tough difficulty (still safe) and allow yourself to struggle to get better at a new movement or weight.

Accessory (in remaining time)
4 rounds of:
10 Glute-Ham Raises (GHD or Sled)
20 Hip Extension or Kettlebell Swing
15 Shrimp Squats/Leg