6 rounds of:
3 Back Squats (~85%)
10 Strict Toes-to-Bar

We’ll warmup to your squat weight and then begin your sets. If you dont have strict toes-to-bar you’ll perform a straight leg raise as high as possible.

OPEN 17.2

AMRAP, in 12:00, of:
2 rounds of:
16 Weighted Lunges (50/35)
16 Toes-to-Bar
8 Power Cleans (50/35)
Then, 2 rounds of:
16 Weighted Lunges (50/35)
16 Bar Muscle-Ups
8 Power Cleans

This workout alternates between toes-to-bars and bar muscle-ups every 2 rounds.
If you dont have Muscle-Ups then do your most difficult pull-up or ring row as a substitute.