5-7 rounds of:
3 Strict Ring Dips/4 Bar Dips/5 Ring Push-Ups/6 Push-Ups
5 Ring Muscle-Ups/Bar Muscle-Ups/Pull-Ups or 3 Negatives

Add weight to Dips if you can. This can go as heavy as a 3rm.
On Muscle-Ups and Pull-Ups, perform as many strict on each set before kipping the remainder. Same on Pull-Ups (add weight on pull-ups if you are in between pull-ups and muscle-ups).

AMRAP, in 15:00, of:
10 Snatches (95/65)
20 Burpees Over Barbell
30 Wallballs (20/14)
50 Double-Unders

Below are some modifications for the workout based on what your goal for the workout is…
•Double-Unders = lower Double-Under reps to 15-25/round and fight to get them.
•Heavy Snatches = 1/2 all reps & 135-155/95-105 on Snatch
•Conditioning = 10 DB Snatches/Side (50/35) instead of barbell
•DB Strength = 5 DB Snatches/Side (75-80/50-55) other reps remain same.
•Don’t care about skipping rope = 30 Lateral Jumps over Barbell