9 rounds of:
4 Lengths Sled Sprint (Sled+90/45)
Bench Press

Rounds 1-3 = 21 Bench Reps (135/85)
Rounds 4-6 = 15 Bench Reps (165/105)
Rounds 7-9 = 9 Bench Reps (195/125)

There is rest and recovery between sleds and bench. This isn’t an overall timed WOD, but it is both strength and conditioning (in a different way). When pushing the sled your goal is to push your 4 lengths with the prescribed weight as fast as possible. Rest between sled and bench. The strength of the workout is in pushing your heaviest weight for the rep schemes of Bench Press. The rest between the movements should allow you to work at MAX EFFORT when it’s your turn.