A) EMOM, for 15:00, complete:
7 Toes-To-Bar or 10 Tuck Crunches
1 Power or Squat Snatch (increasing)

Both movements in the same minute. If you are working on T2B, and don’t have lots of reps in a row, then work your form and do 4-5 TTB and 1-2 Snatches a little lighter. You should choose a T2B rep scheme that you can get unbroken every minute. You can do DB Snatches instead of barbell for 3-4 reps per arm.

B) 3 rounds, for time, of:
750/600 M Row, Ski or 1.5/1.2 K Bike
15 Burpees-Over-Barbell
15 Deadlifts (185-225/135-155)