5 rounds, for weight, of:
5 Hang Power Cleans
5 Bench Press
400 Meter Run

Rest 1:30-2:00 after the run, you should need it if you are running fast enough and if you’re going heavy enough on the cleans.

The weights are meant to be as heavy as possible for ALL rounds. However, some small jumps here and there are okay.

Run fast. (Trainer will decide if it’s too cold to open the door and run. Substitution is 400 Meter Row/Ski or 0.6 mile Bike.

EXTRA (time permitting)
3-4 rounds of:
15-20 DB Skull Crushers
1:00 Double Unders or Double-Under Practice

BURN (9:30am)
AMRAP, in 15:00, of:
10 DB Bench Press (50/35)
10 DB Cleans (50/35)
200 Meter Run

AMRAP, in 15:00, of:
2 Lengths Right Arm Farmer Carry (70/53)
10 Push-Ups
2 Lengths Left Arm Farmer Carry 70/53
10 Push-Ups

In 10:00 complete:
50 Reverse Sit-Ups
50 Russian Twist w/Medball (14/10)
50 Regular Sit-Ups
Plank Hold the remaining time (break minimally if needed)