Join us at 6:30am or 4:30pm via Zoom for the web-conferenced workout.
Meeting ID: 941-332-4427
Meeting Password: Becky1Zyia

10:00 of:
50 Single-Unders or 25 Jumping Jacks
10 Cossacks Lunges
0:30 DB Overhead Hold/Arm

2 total rounds of:
AMRAP, in 7:00, of:
12 Right-Arm DB Push Presses
12 Left-Arm DB Push Presses
36 Double-Unders or 24 Jumping Jacks

Rest 3:00 between each AMRAP

4 sets of:
12 Lawnmower Rows/Arm
24 Bicep Curls


4 sets of:
12 Bent-Over Rows
24 Sumo-Stance Stiff Legged Deadlifts

For both of these movements both hands will hold onto just one dumbbell.