15 Assisted Box Dips/Dips/Weighted Dips
20 COS Reverse Flyes + 20 COS Row
50 Double-Unders/1:30-2:00 Jump Rope Practice

Go heavy/difficult on dips to get better.
Stay in control for all of the COS movements. Dont just flail to get to the end of the movement.
Double-Unders, because we all need practice.

4 rounds, for time, of
15 Front Squats (155/105)
20 Burpees-Over-Barbell
30 Calories/600 Meter Run

Front squats should be a weight you can get unbroken.
If you get you first round under 4:00, then take 2:00 Rest after every round and try to keep all future rounds just as fast.
25:00 Cap (If you have earned the rest, you need to go even faster to get all 4 rounds in under the cap.)