4-5 sets of:
Max Reps Bench Press (BW, 0.75BW or 0.5BW)
8 Single-Arm Rows/Arm

On Bench Press, choose a weight that you can get atleast 10 reps with on your first set and stick with that weight for the remainder of the time.
Go as heavy as possible on the Rows.
Work in groups of 2-3 so that you get the rest you need before its your turn again.

7 rounds, for time, of:
15 Calorie Bike/Row/Ski
7 Handstand Push-Ups or DB Push Press

Handstand Push-Ups should add a deficit of your ability, if possible.
There is no Rx weight for Push Press because the weight you choose will be determined by what you can currently do and how bad you want to get stronger to move closer to doing Handstand Push-Ups (or other movements).