A) AMRAP, in 10:00, of:
3 Power Snatches (185/125)
4 Full Deficit Handstand Push-Ups


AMRAP, in 10:00, of:
6 Hang Power Snatches (115/80)
8 Handstand Push-Ups or Seated Strict Press

The first options’ 3 snatches are if you are competent in technique with snatches to push up to a heavy weight(modify to an sppropriate weight as always). The second option is giving you the additional reps and hang position to work on technique (if that’s the limiter of your snatch). You can mix and match options, but don’t waste your 10:00.

B) Every 2:00, for 9 rounds, complete:
20 Calorie Bike, Row or Ski (different machine than yesterday)