Power Clean or Power Snatch
3 rounds of:

This is a ladder up to a heavy weight and a reset to the bottom and laddering up for a total of 3 times. The weights above are an example, not Rx. Go heavier or lighter as needed. Pick a beginning weight that you can get 10 reps, with no more than one break, and increase from there. Or plan ahead with what you’d like to end at, and plan increases of 20-30 for guys on each jump and 10-20 pounds for ladies on each jump to emd at your goal. They don’t need to be unbroken, but you should be able to get back on the bar within 15-20 seconds on your heaviest weight.

This is to gradually get you more comfortable with heavier weight. The resets on weight allows your body to adapt, as much as possible, within this session.

100 Double-Under
25 Strict HSPU/Dips/Push-Ups
15 Dumbbell Cleans
100 Double-Under
20 Strict HSPU/Dips/Push-Ups
20 Dumbbell Cleans
100 Double-Under
15 Strict HSPU/Dips/Push-Ups
25 Dumbbell Cleans

Time Cap: 20:00

There aren’t any Rx weights for the conditioning because there are a lot of moving parts, and you should go as heavy as you can while completing the work within the cap. Your weight will 1st depend on what options for double-unders and hspu. If you are choosing difficult options that eat away at your time, then you might go lighter. If you are doing options that you are already pretty proficient at then you will go as heavy as your strength and stamina can handle for the reps and time cap.