5-7 rounds of:
2 Cleans (increasing)
10 Single-Arm OH Sit-Up/Arm

Clean Options (and purpose):
•Hang Squat Clean – Works on majority technique. Because of the shortened pull, you have to pull hard, but this requires speed into the squat when you get heavy.
•Power Cleans (hang or floor) – Majority hip power and explosive jumping ability.
•Squat Clean (from floor) – this is all of the pieces working together, and if you already have a technical squat clean and strong power clean, will get you the most weight on the bar.

If you are moving well, then move up to your heaviest today in that lift. If you have a couple of items to iron out, maybe add a couple more practice reps per round, and you might stay at one weight for an extra round or so before moving up.

7 rounds, for reps, of:
0:40 Wallballs (20/14)
0:20 Rest
0:40 Burpees
0:20 Rest