EMOM, for 20 minutes, perform:
1-3 Jerks

Start by performing 3 reps and drop to 2 and 1 reps when you go too heavy for 3. If you are not comfortable with jerks then stick to push presses for 3’s.

21-15-9, for time, of:
Push Jerks (135-155/95-105)

BURN! (9:30am)
AMRAP, in 10:00, of:
8 DB Box Step Overs (20″ box)
8 Toes-to-Bar
8 Devil Press

AMRAP, in 10:00, of:
10 Calorie Row
8 Toes-to-Bar
8 DB Push Press

10-20-30-40 of: (10:00 Cap)
Lateral Lunges (45/35)
Russian Twists (15/10 DB)

*3:00 Rest After Each Section
*For all of the weights, make sure it’s something you can do all 8 reps in row. You should seek to be constantly moving, so if you have to go lighter then do it.