A) AMRAP, in 10:00, of:
Snatches or Deadlifts
Pull-Ups/Bar Muscle-Ups

There isn’t an Rx weight on this today so that you can pursue your goals and modify for your ability today.
Everyone did great on the squat cleans yesterday, and if you are sore and tired, you might choose a lighter (less impactful) weight and make this more conditioning. If you are feeling great, then load up the weight.

B) AMRAP, in 20:00, of:
50/40 Calories
50 Abmat Sit-Ups
50/40 Calories
50 Reverse Sit-Up (35/25)

Scale up to GHD Sit-Ups instead of Abmat and Toes-to-Bar instead of Reverse Sit-Ups.