A) Every 4:00, for 5 rounds, complete:
500 Meter Row, 500 M Ski or 1 Km Bike
5 Deadlifts (Heavy or about 75-80% of 1rm)

Warmup to the weight you want to use for the workout. Stay there the entire time. You may add or take away a little, but you should really be shooting for the perfect weight and sticking with it. NO SINGLES. 5 touch and go reps.

Shoot for between 1:45-1:50 for guys and 2:00-2:10 for ladies. Or something that is challenging, yet repeatable. Pace shouldn’t fall off more than 5 seconds.

B) 3 rounds of:
1:00 Plank Hold
20 Russian Twists (25-35/20-25)
10 Barbell Sit-Ups (45/35)

Try to move directly from one ab movement to the other and rest 1:00 between rounds.